In order to carry out all projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Williams, Diana
We buy a steer at the SouthEastern Youth Fair every year. the steer is slaughtered, cut up into steaks, roasts, ground beef etc., packaged and frozen in household size packages. One meeting per year is designated BEEF SALE DAY. The frozen beef is brought in and auctioned to members at premium prices. All profits go to support Camp Kiwanis and the summer scholarship program for campers who cannot otherwise afford to attend. All members are eligible to participate in the beef sale and many do. In addition to Diana Williams who buys the steer and orcastrates the event we have the auctioneer who is usually Jim Payton. We have spotters, handlers and recorders to keep tabs on who bough what and to keep the billing correct.
Smith, Theodore (JR)
We have a flat brick base around the flagpole at Camp Kiwanis. Names and events are engraved in the bricks to honor individuals for specific events, The cost to honor someone with a memorial brick is $100.00. The Brick Honorarium Committee. sells new bricks and arranges for their placement. They also insure that the location is kept in good order and clean including replacing broken bricks.
Children First Committee
Fricks, Roseann
The Children First Committee is the umbrella committee under which all our Children Projects except Camp Kiwanis operate. It is a combination of Young Children:priority One and Youth Services committees. Every member is invited to join one of these committees. There are only a few committee meetings each year, but they are very important as they set the budget and priorities for all our Children Projects. Committee members are welcome to but not expected to participate in a wide variety of Children Projects. Each member chooses the projects and or events in which they wish to participate. You can choose from RIF, Terrific Kids, BUGs,ROR (all of which have multiple opportunities of serve; and several other projects which come up from time to time..
Weldon, Joel
Wheeler, Wesley
The Community Services Committee assists other charity organizations in the community and if requested, could respond toothed community needs. Services rendered on an ongoing basis are: providing bell ringers for the Salvation Army at two locations during their annual Christmas campaign and Operating t5he pancake sales tent for Habitat for Humanity during their annual Strawberry Festival. Only the committee chairs are listed as members. All members of the club are eligible to serve on the projects and many if not most, do so.
Conley, D
The Education Committee currently has one member whose function is to educate potential members and new members about Kiwanis and The Kiwanis Club of Ocala. In doing this the chair determines if the applicant is not a good fit for our club and makes a report to the Board of Directors on his findings. He also conducts inductions for new members.
Werner, Louise
initiate and lead fund raising efforts to assist club in reading the $25,000 goal that was set by the Board of Directors in 2014.
Oberteuffer, Ted
Maintains narrative and photographic history of significant event related to the club.
Oberteuffer, Ted
The Historian maintains the history of our club and (infrequently) makes presentations about our history to interested parties such as the club as a whole or the club sattellite
Crawford, William
This is a committee of one. The chair organizes visits to and from other clubs. A visit of 4 or more members to another club counts as an “Interclub” Clubs are encouraged to have an Interclub with all t5he other clubs in their division at least once per club year.
Olstein, Philip
Currently the Membership Committee has one person, probably should be more. The membership Committee is charged with increasing the number of members with persons who will be good service oriented Kiwanians. In addition to personal recruitment efforts, they may teach the membership as a whole how to effectively recruit new members and periodically remind the group about the importance of attracting new members. in addition to attracting new members another goal is to retain old members and the membership committee can be helpful in this regard by teaching the club retention techniques like recognition and involvement.
Oberteuffer, Ted
The Newsletter Committee is responsible for creating and publishing a weekly newsletter. it usually contains photos from the most recent meeting and events, the topic of the most recent program and the next scheduled program. it list upcoming events and needs for participation at scheduled events. birthdays for the current month are listed as is anything else the newsletter editor thinks will be of interest to the club members. Articles are always expected to be non political.
Ruttenber, Jeffrey
The Pancake Day Committee is responsible for our annual Pancake Day Event in December. This includes ordering the food and beverages, soliciting sponsors, publicity, organizing who will perform the various tasks, etc. Pancake day is a club tradition that dates back to 1958. It is the primary fund raiser that supports scholarships to Camp Kiwanis Summer Camp. Typically, the chair is the incoming First Vice President. ALL MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE
Negron, Angela
Each member of the program committee is responsible for creating the programs for one designated calendar month of our club year. this committee typically changes each club year, the programs are expected to interesting, informative, topical, and non political. programs are usually expected to last from about 12:30PM to 1:00PM. Monthly program chairs for 2017-2018 are: Oct. Angela Negron Nov. Bob Murphy Dec. Wes Wheeler Jan. Butch Feb. Bruce Howard March Scott Hackmyer April Jim Phillips May David Ellsperman June Nick Navetta July NC Sizemore Aug Joe Boge Sept. David Moore
Verrando, Butch
Increase public awareness of the great things our club does for the community. List club events and meetings in local news media calendars. Invite appropriate public officials to meetings of special interest to them.
Knorr, Keith
We have a club roster on a spread sheet that is periodically emailed to members. The committee of one has maintained this roster for a number of years, cogently adding new members and removing those who leave the club for whatever reason.
Rigby, Gary
the Spiritual aims Committee is responsible for our weekly song, pledge, and prayer. They also inform the club about members (or members friends and family) in special need of prayer or assistance. One member provides a marvelous piano prelude to our meeting and accompanies the song.
Murphy, Bob
The sponsored youth Committee is our liaison with our sponsored Key Clubs and Builders Clubs. Additionally, they work to increase the number of sponsored programs. Currently they are working to start a CKI program at our local college. We currently sponsor two Builders Clubs and three Key Clubs and are working on starting more.
Bird, Stephen
Smith, Leo
Negron, Angela
We have an annual Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction in the spring or Summer. It is a dinner and an auction built around the sportsman themes of hunting and fishing. We auction high end hunting and fishing equipment plus items to appeal to the sportsman's guest who may not enjoy hunting or fishing. These items include vacation stays at seaside or mountain locations, jewelry, food and entertainment gift certificates, and automotive services. the committee plans the event, solicits table sales, and donations (or discounted purchases) of items to auction, decisions as to what will be silent auction vs live auction, vs raffle. A major raffle always accompanies the event. we print 200 raffle tickets to be sold for $50.00 each and spend about $1,000 on a high end sports item for the winner. We ask all club members to sell tables of 8 for the event and raffle tickets.
Sizemore, N.C.
The webmaster maintains the club web page. This includes a major update for each new club year, adding newsletters once a week, and adding programs once a month or more. Special Events and other news items are added as required.
Fricks, Roseann
We participate in the distribution of back packs filled with school supplies to our four year olds entering the Voluntary Pre Kindegarten (VPK) program. We provide pack-n-plays to families in emergency situations to insure our infants have a safe sleep environment, as well as providing booster car seats for our toddlers to eligible families. Education on Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) (the never shake a baby project) is provided throughout our community on a regular basis through parent events, as well as through parent education classes. We participate in the Reach out and Read (ROR) program with one of our Federally Qualified Health Centers. This allows children up to the age of 5 to receive a book and a recommended per day reading time with each “well baby” check up, promoting reading and literacy. Although it is not officially part of ROR, We also provide “gently used” books for health center waiting room so that children of all ages are encouraged to read. They may take these books home with them.
Fricks, Roseann
We distribute thousands of books during the school year to children in K – 2 at seven Title I schools throughout our community, primarily in the outlying areas to encourage children to read more and better, to hopefully, instill in them a love of reading and to assist them to begin to build a library of their own. We have a Terrific Kids program which encourages good student citizenship by recognizing one student from each classroom in the elementary schools involved for outstanding citizenship. We sponsor the Bring Up Grades (BUGS) program in several elementary schools. Not all students are capable of honor roll recognition. BUGS award recognize students with good conduct who manage to bring up their grades from one grading period to the next.