The Club Satellite is  a part of our club that meets once a month on the second Monday at a MiMis Cafe on SR 200 at 6:00 PM. (Click the “What We Do" > “ Meeting and Events" link in the menu for more details). The Club Satellite provides an opportunity to serve as Kiwanians to those people whose work schedules and or finances do not permit them to attend a downtown noon meeting every week. It is an ideal opportunity for educators for example. Several elementary school principals are members of the Club Satellite. Club Satellite members assist the Friday Club in major projects like Pancake Day, the Sportsman’s Dinner and Camp Kiwanis clean up day. Some serve on Friday Club Committees. They also have projects specific to them such as making hygiene kits for homeless children and taking up a collection for the Kiwanis ELIMINATE project at every meeting. (ELIMINATE is a Kiwanis International Project working with UNICEF to eliminate the scourge of Maternal Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) from all nations. The Satellite members are designated as such on the member roster. Our club Satellite Liaison between the Friday Club and the Club Satellite is Shelley Sizemore.

FMI on the Club Satellite contact her at 352-291-8778

New member being Inducted INTO CLUB SATALLITE